Top paying Flexible, Fun part time jobs in Florida

Are you dependable, outgoing, and self-sufficient and self-motivated with reliable transportation?

If you answered “yes” then becoming a part time Brand Ambassador might be a perfect fit for you.

Being a Brand Ambassador is a flexible part time position. It gives you the opportunity to meet lots of different people in many unique settings from liquor stores to grocery stores, golf courses, tradeshows and more. There’s never a dull moment when you’re working with a professional event staffing & Promotional Co. such as push it promotions. There are always several Fun flexible opportunities for you to meet new people while helping promote new and existing brands in your community. Also, if you like to travel you can take this part time job with you throughout your state or whatever you’re Promotional Co. that you have signed up for does business in. For instance, Push It Promotions company offers liquor, wine and beer TASTINGS and people for other promotional events including golf tournaments, car shows, boat shows, RV shows, charities & fundraisers throughout the state of Florida.
It’s not all fun and games however. You must show your passion, dedication and knowledge for the brand by doing the proper research ahead of time.

During the promo you are typically standing for a minimum of three hours. And after the promo you’re required to turn in a report in a timely fashion.
Not always but often there is a check list of supplies that you’re required to have before your promo since you’re a 1099. These items may be a write off for you but talk with your CPA about this.

You are the ears and eyes for this brand during that promotion. You not only want to make a good first impression to the customers and the employees in the store you’re at… You want to make a positive lasting impression. This way they will want to return and have that product brand top of mind to repurchase that brand again and again.

So you can see that being a brand ambassador could easily fit into the life of a single person as well as a married person or someone going to school full time for part time. Or even someone that has a full-time job and is just looking to earn some extra money to pay off bills, go on a vacation or save for the future. If you or someone you know fits one of those categories please click here . Push It Promotions is always searching for more quality, fit, engaging people that are energetic, dependable & have reliable transportation.

If you know someone looking for a part-time job to earn extra money for the holidays to pay off debt, to save for a rainy day or just to meet new people. You should suggest to them signing up with a professional liquor tasting agency such as push it Promotions Company based out of Tampa, Florida.
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