Q. What do I wear?
A. All black casual Female-skirt/dress, Males-Black shirt/slacks (1 Bling is fine)

Q. Where do I get the product?
A. Our distributor will deliver the sample bottle to the promo location for you.

Q. Do I need my own table?
A. Yes (no larger than 6 ‘. However, 4’is ideal, few stores require 2’ table)

Q. What am I required to provide?
A. Table, black linen/table cover, 100ct-1oz. sample cups, ice bucket, ice, wine bottle opener

Q. Can I provide mixers?
A. Yes, if you’d like. You’re a 1099 so save your receipts for your taxes (it’s a write off).

Q. When are reports due?
A. Same day of Service Emailed in a Word Document attachment to sales@pushitpromotions.com

Q. Who do I check in with after setting up my table display?
A. Check in by texting photo of you & display table to your supervisor with date/time.

Q. When do we receive our check?
A. We pay bi-monthly. Checks are cut on the 1st & 15th

Q. What do I do prior to leaving?
A Text photo of you & display table to your supervisor with date/time & get mgr to sign MPR

Q. Am I permitted to taste when working? Is sitting permitted? Are cell phone allowed?
A. No,

Q. What should I do if I’m running late?
Call your supervisor immediately prior to appointment time.

Q. Am I required to ID everyone?
A. If someone looks younger than 35 ID them. When in doubt check it out.

Q. What should I do when I have to go to the bathroom?
A. Put your sample bottles below your table concealed until you return

Q. How many samples may I give each customer?
A. Up to 3 ct , ¼ oz sampless

Q. What is the proper portion size for a sample?
A. Samples are each less than ¼ oz.

Q. What if someone asks to get a sample for their friend?
A. While smiling tell them to ask their friend to come by for their own sample.
** Under no circumstances are you to communicate with our client (supplier/supplier rep/any affiliates)

Q.What are my steps upon Arrival?
A. Walk in with:
1. A smile, table & black full length linen or sheet
2. Introduce yourself to the clerk & ask where they would like you to set up ie: “Hi, I’m xxx with Push It Promotions for a sampling promo. Where would you like me to set up please?” Also ask, “Do you have a sample bottle/s for me?” Never open the stores bottles without written permission.
3. Set up Table & Linen & grab 3 bottles ea. Off their shelves while writing down the price for your knowledge (ea store sells it for different prices) then arrange on your table neatly with sellable bottles facing the customers in a straight row back per spirit/wine/product. Sample bottle closest to you.

Q. What are my steps upon Departure:
A. Return any/all of their bottles back to the shelves facing customers, take inventory. Fold table, linen & pack up your sample bottles and the ones they handed you if any and say.. “Thank you for having me, see you soon” Get sheet signed by mgr/clerk on duty. If garbage can given ask them where they’d like you to throw away the garbage.